The Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society


Philosophical Studies in Education 41, 2010

Table of Contents

Introduction, Gregory D. Loving ...i

  • Presidential Address

Laggards, Morons, Human Clinkers, and Other Peculiar Kids:Progressivism and Student Difference in Shaping Public Education

in the United States, Robert L. Osgood ... 1


Response to Presidential Address, Natasha Levinson ... 11

  • Articles

  1. Laggards, labeling and limitations: Re-connecting labeling deviance theory with Deweyan pragmatism, Frank Fitch 17
  2. Equality and Schooling: Laggards, Percentiles and the U.S. Constitution, Benjamin H. Welsh 29
  3. What If Education Is Not a Race?: The Need within Democratic Life to See Education as a Personal, Interpersonal, and Transpersonal Journey and the Present Possibilities for Helping the People to See This, Bruce Novak 38
  4. Moderate Pluralism: Beyond a Reasonable Liberalism to Recognition of Cultural Expertise, Sheron Fraser-Burgess 48
  5. What's Pragmatic About Community Organizing?, Kathleen Knight Abowitz 60
  6. Literacy as Dialogue, Thomas Falk 72
  7. Globalization and Philosophy of Education, Joseph Watras 83
  8. The Ethics of Corporatization: Competing Visions for University Leadership, Benjamin Ashby Johnson 95
  9. Regional Stewardship and the Redefinition of Higher Education, Timothy Leahy Simpson 106
  10. Unity and Diversity in Educational Research: On Heterogeneous Community, Kurt Stemhagen and Bryan R. Warnick 116

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